Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The New Newzz!!!

Hey everybody! I know there's been a lot of talk going around, and the stories are true! (some of them anyway) Christian, the rest of the Wells fam, and I (Scott, the new owner) have been working together the last couple of months, and my wife (Kate) and I are going to be taking care of DTS from now on!

Now, I know what you might be thinking, (I think) probably something like: "Oh no! everything's changing and life will never be the same!" but fret not! Everything (for the most part) is staying the same! Same name, same team (with some new riders) same location, same legit shop that you know and love.

We're going to be getting in a whole grip of new products (including the new Leo Romero Toy Machine board, no big deal...). New DTS shop deck designs, including T-s, zip hoodies, some new lines of clothes, shoes, and lots of new stuff will be coming soon. Make sure you come by and check it out, say hi, and just chill... We even hooked up the XBOX... 

SO... Come by and see the new remodel, scope the new product, slap fives with the new owners, and support your local core skate shop! DO IT!   


<3 Scott and Kate

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